Swedish Massage 

30 min-$35   60 min-60$   90 min-$80

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage using strokes to simulate the muscles and release tension stress throughout the body.

Add On Services

Hot stones can be incorporated in an given service for an additional $10. Foot scrub can be incorporated for and additional $5. Facial can be incorporated for an additional $10. and full body scrub/massage can be incorporated for an additional $10.

Deep Tissue And Trigger Point

30 min-$45   60 min-$75   90 min-$95

Deep tissue and trigger point massage are incorporated together to penetrate the deeper under the surface muscles, it begins with general Swedish to warm the tissue, the the therapist will work deeper up to the clients tolerance level. This work is used to release hyper-tonic muscles that can cause chronic pain, muscle spasms and aching tension throughout the body.